AZWhatsApp APK Download Official (2023 Latest Version)

Nowadays, the trend of mod Whatsapp has surely spread all over the world. The trust of the users is definitely growing towards them due to the provided features which are not yet available in the original version. But the question is, will this phenomenon continue? Looking at the current statistics, the answer is definitely yes. End-to-end encryption is most needed these days and AZWhatsApp is definitely relied upon for that.

But seeing multiple modified versions in the market now, surely every user is changing their preferences to other WhatsApp. If you are one of those people or if you don’t like the mod version then you will definitely want to try AZWhatsApp, A brilliant third-party application that will make interaction and communication more intuitive for users. Let’s analyze more about this invention so keep reading.


Introduction to AZWhatsApp APK

AZWA offers a unique mechanism for presenting or displaying communication processes. Saving important messages or customizing multiple sections will be easily possible using it. The latest version will also offer privacy; app lock and finger lock to users so install and try it out.

Full Analysis of AZWhatsApp

The developer has developed this application by adding amazing aspects. AZWA APK is fully customizable, making it super easy to change everything from the official logo to internal functions. The app has not been launched for a long time but still the functionality of the app makes it different from the original WhatsApp. It is very easy to rely on this program to make the communication process more varied and different as its potential certainly offers an interesting element.

The app will provide users with unique sharing features that will surely make the initial experience more amazing. There are many reasons to rely on an application and the real difference can only be realized if all the features are taken advantage of. The app quickly became popular on Android and iOS and of course the feedback received from users so far has been amazing according to the developer. But one of the main difficulties in this regard is that it has not yet received official approval from Google and Apple.

This is the reason why its benefits could not reach all users. But despite all this users can easily download it and view all the analytics included in it in any way. No matter how many mods WhatsApp has, there is always one question in mind: privacy and backup. Definitely when the users plan to use this mod and the answer to this question must be passed by them. How can all this be possible and how far can we consider privacy to be completely secure but before that let’s look at the key difference.

Why Choose AZWhatsApp?

There are many reasons to choose the app and here we are sharing important points with the users.

  • Different and easy interface: In general, the interface adds exponentially to the value of any program because it makes it easy for someone to dive deep into it. This is the main feature of the app, it is very easy to understand and familiar with all the parts of mod whatsapp.
  • Unique style of conversation: AZWhatsapp APK offers users different styles and options during the conversation process which essentially makes the process of chatting fun.
  • Zoom permission: Zooming in on specific parts of a photo or video is definitely an important feature that is not available in the original version. Fortunately, this app provides a feature that makes it possible to zoom in on profile pictures or videos.
  • Restore deleted content: Is it possible to recover deleted messages, audio notes, photos, data in original version? Actually no, but this new addition has been made in this latest version Content received will remain in your account even if deleted by other party.
  • DND Mode: Who will contact at what time will now be entirely up to the user. In this case, the application will introduce different methods, thanks to which you can make the conversation more interesting.

Features AZWA APK

The app is quite different from the original version in terms of features. Thanks to the amazing points, customers will definitely transfer their taste here. Let’s look at the functionality to find out.

Messages Without Saving Numbers

This program includes a unique feature when it comes to making contacts or starting conversations instantly. Enabling this feature makes it easy for users to get in touch without saving the number. Just one tap will make this section easy to use.

Different Block Options

Blocking unknown numbers is definitely provided in the original version. But what if a unique process is done for it? AZWhatsapp has various number blocking options that will provide a complete report of number activity even if only the number is blocked.

Complete Privacy Assurance

When it comes to security, assurances play an important role in this matter. The application offers important options to ensure user privacy, making it easy for users to decide whether their content is completely safe or not.

Background Images

Do you want to customize your WhatsApp in more colorful and different colors? Then surely this app will give you a wonderful feeling as it has numerous images available for background as well.

Changing The Color of Ticks

Are you bored of seeing the blue ticks color in original WhatsApp and you want some new color? Surprisingly, this process is very easy to change in this program. With a variety of tick colors to choose from, it will be easy for users to switch easily.

Easily Apply Wallpaper

What will happen when we are allowed to set wallpaper on WhatsApp like a mobile front screen? It is quite interesting to hear but it can also be possible if you install this MOD.

Different Visuals

It’s a good idea to apply great visuals from opening the program to the entire communication process. It is certainly easy to turn this idea into reality when the smartphone is equipped with this WhatsApp.

Customize Themes

Boosts confidence when it comes to your creativity. The highlight of this version is that it provides users with options to turn their wishes into reality. Thanks to this feature, you can easily set up your own theme.

Characteristic of The Group

A group of friends or family members is an easy way to stay connected with everyone these days. But what would be the customization options in this case too? You will be free to change the group logo, customize the colors, and give each person a unique identity.

Backup Content

This is definitely the most important question about this application and this feature is available in it. Use this feature to save your chats, photos, videos, files, documents more easily and keep your content with you always.

No Root

Using the application will definitely not have any problem; users can use this version in the presence of the original WhatsApp. Don’t think about the ban problem, download it now and test this amazing app in depth and discover more new features.

Themes StoreYesNo
Translation facilityYesNo
Background customizationYesNo
Separate sections of securityYesNo
Download Status VideoYesNo
Auto - Replay MODYesNo
Video Sharing LimitMaximumFix

How to Install AZWhatsapp APK?

  • First transfer original WhatsApp content to PC and then to this WhatsApp.
  • After that click on the given button and download the APK file.
  • The next step is to install the file so allow it.
  • After the installation is complete, open the application and enter your personal number and information.
  • After entering the number, receive the OTP code.
  • After that transfer all content from your PC to AZWhatsapp and enjoy.

Who is the developer of AZWhatsapp?

AZWhatsapp is developed by Ali Al-Zaabi

Does it update regularly?

This is a very important question and it is important for consumers to know about it and the answer is yes. The application is regularly updated and more new features and facilities are provided.

What is AZWhatsapp?

The app is a modified version that has added many unique features like chat and sharing.


It won’t be wrong if we say that this is the lite version of WhatsApp. The purpose of using the application is definitely to get opportunities to use and enjoy the amazing features. If you want to make your account more secure in terms of privacy and security, this is definitely a great choice. Download the latest version and familiarize yourself with the internal sections and enjoy the conversation.

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