Fouad WhatsApp APK Download (Latest Version) 2023 Official

Fouad WhatsApp APK offers completely valuable and amazing communication services to Android users. The special features and points included in this modified app make it a wonderful WhatsApp. Today everything around us is playing an important role in achieving amazing conveniences and wonderful goals in every field thanks to technology. Today, as every person owns a smartphone, communication has also become an important part of life, be it in the form of a message or a call. Facebook, IMO, Instagram, these are all modern day revolutions that have taken the entire world by storm.

There are many reasons for their popularity but the most important is that these apps have reduced the distance of staying in touch. Today everyone understands and knows that thanks to these programs we can easily make our conversation all over the world without any cost. But why does one need MOD WhatsApp when there are Google approved apps. Of course, this is a serious question and the answer is many unique details that are not presented in the original version. In today’s article we will see the details, features and benefits of Fouad WhatsApp APK. Let’s get started, so keep reading till the end.

Fouad WhatsApp

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified messenger app that offers users amazing benefits and countless customization features compared to the original version. The app is developed by Fouad Makdad who says that this version will change the communication style and amazing options in every process. In addition, it is a complete Anti-Ban whose biggest advantage is that we can use it in the presence of the original WhatsApp.

Complete History of Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp has made it easy to analyze the most important aspect after its amazing invention. Using this mod will invite users to improve every process and create amazing effects. This WhatsApp is used without official status because it is not available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The developer says that the purpose of creating the mod is to add unique designs and effects to the user interaction process. There is no doubt that this idea is quite successful as users all over the world are amazed by the potential of this WhatsApp.

Whether it’s changing the look of the interface or changing the font style or text style, all this and more can be done easily in this version. For users, this version not only makes it easier to achieve a pleasant interaction process, but also gives them the opportunity to explore more styles. The fun in the app is when we force our friends or family members to create amazing chat styles as each action plays a role in the ease of presenting different feelings and unique styles.

It is very easy to get the application and achieve all the objectives but the more important concern in the eyes of the users is the unofficial status of the app. Although, most eyes consider this to be safe, it is still important to pay attention. The functionality of the app is well understood and it is easy to get exclusive and unique benefits. Its scope spans countless sections and options, making it very easy to add or customize actions to messages ho calling. But above all, it is important that the material is protected in all respects or steps are taken.

The more deeply users explore it and adopt a robust process for their content, the more they will enjoy it. Privacy and security are two important aspects so it is advised for users to analyze it thoroughly before downloading it. Consumers are given positive assurance in this regard but the actual action is up to them. Continue reading to understand the important points involved in this series.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Attractive and Incredible

Texting, calling, grouping, chatting are the most important aspects of WhatsApp that users are getting for free these days. Whether connecting with friends or relatives locally or abroad, WhatsApp is a must have in everyone’s devices these days. There is no doubt that the original version has billions of users but the modded versions are also gaining popularity among the users.

There are many reasons behind this whole scenario but the most important one is the lack of features that today’s users want. Third-party developers believe that if users are assured of more attractive and powerful functions, they can definitely be attracted to these versions faster and this thinking is successful. Furthermore, if the interactive process is customized by adding multiple options, it adds to the fun and enjoyment of the users.

Thus, according to the data and user feedback, all Mods WhatsApp are providing everything that affects the communication process. Fouad WhatsApp APK is also specially designed with the thought that it is very easy to show amazing effects using it. Thanks to this, not only will it be easier for us to serve a large amount of content, but we will also be free to make several changes to the interface. From the initial experience to the ongoing process, users will find it easy to take advantage of unique features.

Features Fouad WhatsApp

Special Section of Background Wallpapers

The original version allows users to change the background scene as well as apply images saved in external memory. But in this WhatsApp a regular section has been established in this respect which only has background images. Users can easily access countless image collections from this section on their screen.

Choose a Separate Photo For Each Contact

Are you tired of the same visual during your conversation? But if you use this mode, you will be allowed to set different pictures for all contacts. Thanks to this you can create a charming wall for special people. This benefit is highly appreciated and enjoyed by many users, so feel free to use it.

Place Images Inside and Outside

This feature will be new for all users whether applied to a single contact or all groups. Thanks to that, it’s easy to add a photo outside or inside an account. This section is considered more useful for certain groups of users where they are allowed to keep the DP and internal images the same.

Review Anything

It is fully customizable version where changes are allowed in every part and preview feature is also available for all of them. Users can take advantage of this feature and feel its style before implementing any process or after changing all the options.

Edit Tab

Do you want to change the process with chats or other tabs? This WhatsApp will allow you to do the same where you can change or set the underline color.

Place a Colored Line on The Home Screen

The app provides the ability to turn the home screen into a boarder. It allows users to get a personalized look and make contact settings more attractive.

Different Colors and Changeability

Every action in WhatsApp, be it sending or receiving content, is done in the same way. But in this mod it is possible to change the process through colors and implement it differently. Users can easily change the color of the message or make them darker or lighter.

Set Date On The Main Screen

Do you want to see the time and date in your account edge? This is possible with this version because the developer has given a special option in this regard. This is an amazing addition to this WhatsApp which impresses many users.

Changes Main Screen

The easier the changes are made for consumers, the more attractive they will be. Usually users are not allowed to make more changes in the original version but this is different from WhatsApp which will allow you to change other parts apart from screen customization.

Change Text Style Color

It is common for every human being to talk to friends or relatives through text in their daily routine. But what if we add color options to the process? Yes, we can do this easily and replace any style with other colors easily.

Voice Note Bar Change

The app also allows users to add new colors and textures to their voice notes. Change the style of the playbar or add a color or style to it and adjust it to your liking. Many users are enjoying this change and believe that it is incredible.

Color All The Ticks Differently

Whether sending or receiving a message, the role of ticks is the most important in the entire process, which is responsible for correcting the entire process. Fouad WhatsApp APK also gives users the option to set the color of the ticks thanks to the options available in this case.

Speed ​​Boost

Now you will never feel the slowness or speed of the conversation. The app offers a certain speed option with the aim of keeping the account always smooth. By enabling it users can enjoy faster WhatsApp. Its use is most beneficial in situations where multiple conversations are taking place from different contacts at the same time.

Apply Themes

All mods whatsapp has provided theme related feature. Thanks to this, not only we can implement different visuals but also explore countless types. This version will also give its users complete freedom in terms of applying any theme.

Hide WhatsApp Media

The app also allows users to hide media from the gallery which not only makes the user feel unique and different but also gives us a more secure process.

Forward Tab Replacement

Users can also easily change the forward icon or its tab. Users will have access to special options through which the entire process can be easily customized.

Recover Deleted Messages Easily

Now it is possible to easily recover any photo or video deleted by mistake. The application includes an anti-delete feature that aims to restore deleted content or messages.

Trimming Ability

Fouad WhatsApp has identified unique features to make the interaction process attractive for users. At the same time cropping the image is easy thanks to the advanced process.

Translator For Other Languages

This mod will add many different features depending on the languages. Users will also get translation facility where it will provide more variety than the original version. Now easily change any other language to your language or send message to other people in their language.

Built-in Face Lock

Apart from App Lock, the application also offers Face Lock where any user can make their account more secure.

Backup Facility

The app allows users to access unique and secure features and also takes important steps in securing content. This version has a process for every aspect, be it transferring or receiving content. Similarly if we go to settings options, there is a backup option which is also working but its effect is in local storage instead of google storage.

If we go by the feedback received from the users, it is indeed very different and wonderful in every aspect but the biggest drawback is the lack of backup facility. In this regard, its developer definitely needs to take steps so that users can trust it. Due to this downside, many users remain concerned about their content and insist on more privacy and security measures than the original version.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Updated Regularly

Unlike the original version, this mod is not updated on a monthly basis. This process is done after months due to which users have to face more difficulties. Users are assured of fixing this bug by the developer which is why it is getting better with time. Similarly, each new update introduces different elements and features and gives important options regarding account privacy. The app will basically make the users to enjoy the most amazing interaction process thanks to which they will get an amazing experience.

What’s New in Fouad WhatsApp APK Latest Version?

  • Issues and bugs have been fixed
  • Continuous update is enabled
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Added more options to settings
  • Ease of changing image resolution is provided
  • Add new stickers, emojis and GIFs
  • Changing the background image has been made very easy

Complete Download Guide 

  • Enable unknown sources and go to mobile settings for it
  • After that, click on the given button and download the file
  • Wait a bit in this process and let the download complete
  • After that, the next step is installation, so be prepared for that

How to install Fouad WhatsApp APK on Android? 

  • First, go to the file manager and find the downloaded APK file
  • Click and start the process
  • Once done, open the icon on the home screen
  • Enter your number and receive an OTP code in return
  • After that configure all the settings as you want and enjoy using it

How to use Fouad WhatsApp?

The app is very easy to use as it works like the original version where users will get all the options on the main screen.

Is it safe to use Fouad WhatsApp?

Using the application is definitely hassle-free, but above all, it has no official status. For this reason, many people fear its use and do not consider it safe.

What is the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp?

The latest version of the app is 9.35 and it has been updating regularly for the past few months.

Final Words

Fouad WhatsApp APK is considered to be different in all respects but privacy should not be neglected. It is true that it is easy to achieve unique processes by using it but we have to look at the essential aspect as well. Users believe that the customizations allowed by the app are definitely unsurpassed and that is why all people appreciate it and give it good ratings. The real interest in this app increases when users change messages and call processes and implement attractive processes.

Similarly, a sensational feeling also arises when the styles of numerous changes are examined. Change and explore all the settings and options from time to time and get used to the amazing interaction. Install it now and if there is anything like not working or not installing please let us know in the comment section.

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