GBWhatsApp APK Download 2023 Updated Version (Anti-Ban)

GBWhatsApp APK is especially for those who want MOD Whatsapp with additional features which they do not get in the original version. WhatsApp is everyone’s first choice when it comes to sharing because of its fast and efficient process, sharing any documents, photos, videos from one device to another is considered an easy process. But with the passage of time and importance, there are many features that are not yet available to users.

To make up for all these shortcomings, we also need a great MOD WhatsApp where we can get everything that is not yet found in the original WhatsApp. In this case, there is no better than GBwhatsapp where there are many additional features for your communication and messaging that you can easily get on your devices.

GBWhatsApp APK

Introduction to GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a communication program that always facilitates the provision of unlimited facilities in the process of interaction of users. In WhatsApp, every user will get surprising and amazing features which will definitely attract you more towards this program.

GBWhatsApp is not yet fully recognized, which is why it is not listed on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. But if you want to use this program immediately without waiting for the moment, and want to add yourself to the millions of people who are using it, you have to download GBWhatsapp Anti-Ban from the link provided.

GBWhatsApp Official Status

The popularity and recognition of social networking programs has gained momentum today, it may increase in the future, but it will not decrease. Today all such programs have become an important part of human life and in future users will be introduced to more features of these programs. Today, every program is working day and night to introduce new features to the users as it can be said with certainty that the confidence of the users towards all such programs will always increase, regardless of their age.

However, the popularity of each social program is very high and each application always provides users with unique and different ways of interacting. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter are the best platforms being used for communication and interaction around the world. All these platforms are present on every mobile, desktop today because communication through them is a trend in today’s world.

These applications are not just for entertainment but here users can easily send their documents, videos, photos and everything anywhere in the world at any cost. WhatsApp is of the utmost importance because it is a modern way of communicating with anyone around the world.

GBWhatsApp, Secure in Every Aspect

WhatsApp has revolutionized the field of communication. In this day and age it has made it very easy for one person to communicate with other people in every part of the world and most importantly without any punctuality and without paying anything. Likewise, today it is easier for everyone to share their content than in the past. And looking at today’s engagements, festivals, parties, social entertainment, everyone likes to save and share their moments.

GBWhatsApp can provide you with everything you get in the original version but in this mod you will find many additional components. All the features of this version will definitely be amazing for the users. It will be a different experience for everyone when you see the difference in each section which is not yet in the original version.

With status copying, themes change feature, increased document sharing volume, size of media sharing files and dozens of additional features. This version will give you benefits in your communication as well as sharing process. Complete guarantee of security of all content. Users can easily and without any hassle install this program on their Android devices.

Complete Privacy With Many Options

The most important and essential aspect for many Android and iOS users is that your content is protected through backup and privacy through this application. From the beginning of the application until now, many users have always been worried that GBwhatsapp does not have a system of privacy but it is not. Like the original WhatsApp, it has all the options for users that can be changed at any time. Users will always find their privacy safe here, where they can find various privacy control options.

Mobile Users will be able to customize or simplify their account privacy in Settings. Even in this mod version, all the options in the settings will be the same as you see in any WhatsApp. In addition, any section can be selected for personal or all with easy guidance. In this wonderful program, everyone has the ability to adjust any layout. Here everyone will find status, profile photo and many more options based on their preferences.

Users can easily change their account personal information from settings and make it more difficult for unknown individuals. For privacy and security, choose from a number of unique options that will allow you to choose the best parts. From typing to status, here users will find the best options for every process that is very easy to change at any time.

Note: Here are the essential information options that you can easily find here and change as needed.

  • Show or hide online
  • Different status options
  • Hide blue ticks and double ticks
  • Hide last opening time
  • Headphone for voice notes
  • Live recording option
  • Show typing or not
  • Easily blocked contacts
  • Configuration for typing

GBWhatsApp Features

  • Full Customization Facility: GB WhatsApp offers users customized features at every step where users can change countless effects at a time.
  • Changing Personal Logo: Users can easily change the application’s personal icon with just one tap.
  • App Lock: It is no longer possible to open an application without your permission. Here you will find the lock feature for everyone without worrying about the mobile model.
  • Fast and Efficient Communication: The app allows users to streamline the chat process directly without having to save a number. Users can now easily call or answer any unknown number.
  • Auto-Respond: GB WhatsApp APK provides key answers to important topics, aimed at informing other people about important engagements.
  • Turn off Temporarily: Users can temporarily block all notifications. This will be of great benefit to you when you are engaged in other activities.
  • Prevention System: Stopping important or unnecessary conversations will bring you many benefits. Especially when you are using another program and you are trying to block incoming messages.
  • Amazing Group Options: GB WhatsApp includes unique features for specific people who form groups and stay in touch with countless people at a time. Users will now be able to send all kinds of messages without group admin.
  • Ability to Send Multiple Images at a Time: In the WhatsApp, a sender sends up to 30 images at a time, after which a re-selection is required. But that number has more than doubled in GB Whatsapp. Users can easily send up to 90 images at a time.
  • Languages ​​Supported: GB WhatsApp APK network is useful for users in all countries, from Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, English, Hindi and more. It is supported by about 100 languages.
  • Delete Chat History in Seconds: It’s very easy for users to delete their content. It is said that its fast delete system cleans everything quickly.
  • Read Deleted Messages: Deleting sender messages means you can’t read this message, but not in the GB WhatsApp MOD version. The developer has introduced a great Anti-revoke feature here, which means you can easily read deleted messages.
  • Locations Tracker: Nowadays there is a trend of sharing locations on social platforms but this feature is not available for us in WhatsApp. This app lets you easily share or apply the status of your locations.
  • Effects Availability: You no longer need to use an editing program to apply effects. GB WhatsApp offers users a set of effects that can be easily applied to any image.
  • Length of Characters: GB WhatsApp has more status characters length feature for users than the original WhatsApp. Users can easily increase the number of characters.
  • Download Status: The application has the ability to download the status of another account. Also, if you want to copy the status and save it in your device storage, you can do so easily.
  • Sharing Capability: There are special benefits for users when it comes to sending videos. In the case of media sharing, it will be easier for users to share content up to 60MB.
  • Audio Sharing: Audio songs, notes, clips which are allowed to send 20MB in original WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp APK allows users to send up to 110 MB of audio content at a time in this case.
  • Color Themes: The app also includes numerous themes, the sole purpose of which is to have as many color displays as possible. Give your WhatsApp a different look in the presence of unlimited themes and use every change without hesitation.
  • Amazing Converted Images: Users can now easily check everyone’s profile changes without being seen. GB WhatsApp MOD will notify you in this matter and show you the changes of each individual in your contact list.
  • Countless and Rare Emojis: Emojis are an important part of every conversation today. Users will find numerous, unique and new types of emojis in this case which are very easy to apply in any conversation.
  • Image Resolution Change: The app also includes a variety of image resolutions for users that can be used to change the quality of all images.
  • Multiple Video Calling Options: Users who want to add unlimited effects and many other aspects to video calling. It’s very easy to do.
  • Hide Chat Typing: Users have a lot of options where you can hide the status of your conversation while talking to any user at a time.
  • Numerous Documents at a Time: Sharing documents with users is amazing. Up to 100 documents can be shared at any one time, regardless of format.
  • Search GIF: The app also has the option to search for GIFs for special moments, or conversations, which will guide you in finding relevant GIFs instantly.

The Main Difference

If we compare GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp, we will definitely find a number of aspects that can be easily noticed. There are definitely a lot of points in this MOD version that can be known and recognized. Similarly, there are dozens of components that can be used in GBWhatsApp and over time; we are not finding them in the original version.

It is true that this version is not included in the official status but this mod is still used in the world. It’s amazing features and great aspects that can be easily used and changed, it all attracts. In order to accurately check all changes and correct all experiments, it is very important to have this mode version in user devices.

Make the themes completely personal or send large files and many other features indicate that this version has many unique features as well as numerous capabilities. One thing that matters most is the privacy of each user, for which consumers always have a number of options to change their privacy or tighten their grip.

Ease of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backup

People think that this third party application does not have backup facility but it is not. In the original WhatsApp, all content stored in users’ personal Google drive, but here it is a slightly different process. Before describing the entire backup process, users need to know how we complete the backup process and where to find the backup content for this version. Using this application, users can easily save their content, be it chat history, photos, videos, documents.

GBWhatsApp allows users to backup like the original WhatsApp where you can find all your content in the local device storage. Likewise, it is up to the users to save their content on a daily or monthly basis. If users do not want to use this feature, the option of not backing up can be easily selected. Here are some key points that users can easily save their content in their storage.

  • Go to your mobile App managment and open GBwhatsapp Setup
  • Next, Choose the file manager and select APK file
  • Select the chat backup option here
  • For the next action. You have to give permission.
  • Click Backup, you can select messages or videos based on your preferences.

Note: One important thing for users is that you can use this MOD version even in the presence of the original WhatsApp. This is easily possible if you want to transfer all the content of your original version to GBwhatsapp. Easy to create two accounts at a time and secure in every way, use and feel free to use innumerable rare features.

GBWhatsApp iOS

This great WhatsApp MOD can also be used on iOS and PC as it is not just for Android. Apple users can also use this version to use every feature like Android users. The developer has introduced it for all types of platforms and devices where everyone can easily install it even with the original WhatsApp.

The installation process for Apple users is different from Android users but we will give you simple information in this regard which will make every process easier. Similarly, Apple users will have all kinds of options for their privacy control that can be easily used and changed. GbWhatsApp is a great choice for iOS, allowing you to easily complete all kinds of customizations in this mode version.

This experience will be very different for Apple users because using a third party application has always been a problem for them. Another thing is that users do not have to worry about using it on iPhone devices and they will not lose the original WhatsApp.

Important Requirements For Using GBWhatsApp

There are important requirements to use GBWhatsApp. With the correct entry of key requirements, the application will be easier for users to use. Always enter the correct information and allow access to the device’s external storage for use.

  • As it is a communication program, you need internet for every process
  • You must enter a personal number to use
  • Enter location to access the inside of the app
  • Device location if required or prompted during installation
  • Allow access to personal contacts
  • Enter code to get started
  • Requires Wi-Fi, 2G or 3G, 4G connection
  • Access the gallery to send or receive photos.

GBWhatsApp APK Installation Process

Downloading and installing are two different processes to use this application, so it is important to implement each process for both Android users and iOS. Here we are sharing simple and important information that will help you to complete this process correctly.

  • First Step: You must allow the key option in the settings so that you can download this program
  • Second step: Go to mobile settings and enable unknown sources.
  • Third step: Now that your devices are able to download files from external sources, click on the button provided.
  • Fourth step: Wait for the file to download
  • Fifth step: Launch the downloaded APK file and proceed with the installation
  • Sixth step: After installation you will need to enter your number for your account information
  • Seventh step: After entering the number you will receive a confirmation code message in the inbox which you have to enter
  • Eighth step: GbWhatsApp will then ask you for permission regarding your mobile storage which you will need to allow
  • Ninth step: After successfully completing each step you will find yourself in the application interface, where you will be free to apply any setting you wish

Pros GBWhatsApp

It’s hard to deny that there is no benefit to users in this third party MOD WhatsApp. There are a number of rare points in this application that may be difficult to use in the beginning but over time it all seems easy. In addition, it is such a program which is designed to suit the preferences of all users. Users customize each process according to their own style.

Different chat options, different call users all have different options for each process that are easy to configure. Easy UI always gives users easy access to every aspect. Users have easy access to every feature that makes it easy to try out all kinds of experiences. GBWhatsApp has given enable and disable options for each process that can be changed with one touch.


Where there are numerous benefits to this program. Of course, there are some disadvantages that need to be kept in mind. Everyone must protect their privacy before using this program. Although this program is considered completely secure, it can sometimes cause some problems. User’s security is certainly one of the key issues to consider. Also, there is no content backup policy so the most important thing in this case is to make a good plan to save your content.

What’s New in This Version?

This version solves many problems where the user experience is very smooth. Some users have pointed out some issues that have been improved in the latest version. With each upgrade of the application, new benefits and features are introduced. Similarly, chat, calling, settings, etc. have all been improved for the users and unique parts have been arranged regularly. Not Root Required, it is very easy for users to take advantage of this version and they will have access to useful options for each process.


Is there any risk in using this MOD WhatsApp?

GbWhatsApp is a secure program and is used by users all over the world. Therefore, there is never any sign of danger from any part of the world using this application.

Can we consider every action safe while using it?

With full confidence, users will always find their every action safe using this program.

Will our privacy be completely protected?

Of course, whether it is a conversation or a transfer or receipt of content. There is always a guarantee that every action will be safe.

Can this use cause problems in using the original WhatsApp?

Of course, users can use this modded version as well as the original version. Meaning, two accounts are allowed to be used in one device.

Is this application legally compliant in every way?

The use of the GbWhatsApp is perfectly legal, so it is not banned in any part of the world.

Is it updated regularly?

The GbWhatsApp APK is updated on a monthly basis and all users receive regular updates.


There is no doubt that WhatsApp is widely used and many people are not satisfied with this version. But with the passage of time, the trend of this application has been increasing and a lot of privacy has been improved due to which the trust of users is increasing. It will not take long for this version to establish its identity as its great features are emerging in the eyes of everyone. Millions of users are happy to take advantage of all the benefits provided by this MOD WhatsApp.

In this wonderful application, everyone has been given a number of customized options, which is very much appreciated. GBWhatsApp APK introduces users to a myriad of communication styles that are very easy for anyone to implement or use.

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