NSWhatsApp APK Download 2023 (3D) Latest Version

NSWhatsApp APK is a popular and modified WhatsApp that offers users customizable styles and features. The application has surprised users all over the world with its amazing benefits and style. However, it was started unofficially and is still being used today. There are many reasons to use it but the most important one is that it includes many different functions that are not present in the original version.

This WhatsApp can definitely be a great choice for Android users as the developer has included all the features from privacy to backup. Before using it, it is important for users to familiarize themselves with all the details of this version. Continue reading and take a closer look at all the aspects of this Mod WhatsApp.

NSWhatsApp APK

NSWhatsApp Analysis and Details

Thanks to millions of users and amazing functions, the application has gained a lot of recognition in all countries today. NSWhatsApp was launched before 2018 and even today users from all over the world focus on it. The application is completely different from the original version and offers more freedom and customization. The developer has provided users with access to all the limitations in this version which are not present in the original WhatsApp. Whether it’s a chat style or theme change or front screen change, it’s all possible with easy options for users.

The app is also called NSWhatsApp 3D because of its interface while others say it is because of its communication style. Whether to get more options or implement any process, only one tap makes it possible. Basically users will get valuable and useful benefits in this version at the same time. They will also get amazing options regarding sending and receiving content.

Explore multiple options in this mod compared to native WhatsApp and personalize your messages, video calls and voice notes and increase their limits at any time. Users claim that all parts of this version are based on complete surprise where they can not only change the existing communication method but also create new processes.

What Kind of Privacy Options Does NSWhatsApp Have?

It is certainly not easy for consumers to turn to any communication. The main reason behind this is security and privacy. The more secure and powerful any MOD WhatsApp is, the easier it will be for users to opt for it. NSWA 3D assures the users of safety and security in this regard as it includes all the options like the original version. Whether you want to hide your status or protect it from unknown contacts, it’s all possible. Similarly, when it comes to typing, users will have the freedom to choose the option according to their style and preferences. Hide double ticks or change their color.

Thus, whether choosing words or changing the entire style of their writing, users can do so with just one tap. Change or make more secure every option, from video calls to voice notes or from creating groups to media sharing. The services of the application are definitely kept as simple and friendly as possible so that all users can see the difference by using it. The APK version is free for Android users which can be downloaded without any payment. Install the latest version now and customize the conversation to your liking.

Feaures NSWhatsApp APK

The features of the application have been given the most importance because here the users will get many amazing points. Use all the features without wasting time and enjoy the amazing modified WhatsApp after applying them.

Maximum Customization

NSWhatsApp definitely looks different from the original version. Everything from the initial interface to the official logo is unique and different. Also, what is special about this version is that users are allowed to make more changes. It is easily possible to apply any color or change any function according to your choice.

Easy and Simple

The most important question for users is whether it is ban-proof or anti-ban? The answer is yes, this APK version will allow you to use it despite the original version. Every function and option of this WhatsApp is arranged in a very simple way for Android users. All of them aim to provide users with seamless experiences and easy ways to interact.

Auto Reply Options

Be it busy in an important meeting or while travelling, this WhatsApp provides convenience every moment and everywhere. This mod WhatsApp also includes an anti-revoke option that responds to other contacts without any movement. This feature is also available in GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus and its usage is definitely amazing.

Add New Effects To Chats

Communicating with friends and relatives in communication apps is considered to be the most important and fun activity. There are very few programs that allow this process to be changed. However, it is also possible and easy to add effects to chats in this WhatsApp. It will be entirely up to the user what style and color they want to see in their chats process.

It Also Has Themes Available

Themes are not yet available in original WhatsApp. But this WhatsApp is quite unique in the sense that the availability of thousands of themes makes a special impression. Be it background or home screen or interface users can easily apply any colorful theme. Thanks to this wonderful benefit, WhatsApp users find it a wonderful process. Get easy access to these features and download the latest version of NSWhatsApp APK for Android right now.

Backup Facility

Be it important messages or photos, backup process is considered very important and necessary for users. This version adds a feature that allows users to easily save all content to their computer or external storage. Take a daily or weekly backup of all your conversations or important documents and keep them safe.

Maximum Group Members Allowed

NSWhatsApp APK promises to give maximum freedom to the users. The most important process in this regard is the formation of groups and the involvement of more people. Likewise, this modified app for group admin includes special permissions and facilities that will surely provide a different experience.

It Also Has Fonts

Availability of different size and color fonts will create more fun to this app. In this case, the developer has added a variety of categories that can be easily selected. Feel free to add effects or apply multiple fonts to the chat and enjoy this app even more.

More Emojis Than Real WhatsApp

Do you want special and different types of emojis for your message? Then of course this WhatsApp must be used because it has a completely different style in this case. Be it sad or happy or happy or emotional emojis, discover and use all kinds of emotions.

Greater Freedom in Media Sharing

Send more than 90 photos or maximum characters allowed. Users can share their video above 50MB in this WhatsApp or choose any limit for voice note. Basically, this feature is one of the prominent features of this app and that is why more and more people choose it.

Is Update Feature Available in NSwhatsapp?

The app is updated on a regular basis and users are pushed to a more secure version. Every update not only adds new effects and elements to increase the confidence of users but also provides new options according to their taste. The application may not have an official status but it is highly rated worldwide due to its unique communication options.

This app is most beneficial for Android users as they can easily use it along with original WhatsApp. The most important thing that users need to know is that this mod does not create problems for the original account. Install its APK version now and make the most of its features and discover countless differences.

How To Transfer Original WhatsApp Content Here?

Here we are recommending users to transfer all their original WhatsApp content to this mod. All the tips are very easy and they are completed in very specific time.

  • First connect your original WhatsApp to your computer or laptop.
  • You should first save and copy all the content.
  • After that connect this NSWhatsapp to the same device and paste all the content in this version.
  • You can also use Dr. Fone app for this whole process
  • After completing this process, enjoy both WhatsApp on your smartphone and surprise all your friends at once.

Download and Install NSwhatsapp APK

  • First go to your smartphone settings and enable unknown sources.
  • Now click on the given APK button and start the download process.
  • After that go to file manager folder and open NSWhatspp setup and start the installation process.
  • After completing the installation, open the app icon and enter your number and receive the OTP code.
  • Update all your contacts and customize your profile.


Is it illegal to use this NSWhatsapp 3D?

This MOD Whatsapp is being used worldwide and there is no restriction on its use in any country. Users can use it without any fear or worry.

Can our original account be banned for using this?

This is anti-ban version and using it will not disturb the original account in any respect. Its use is permissible in all respects and will not cause any problems.

What is the difference between real WhatsApp and NSWhatsApp?

Everything from the interface to the app logo is different, as are the settings, which include more options. Users will find its design more attractive and have more options with more freedom.


Undoubtedly, NSWhatsApp APK is attracting people from all over the world due to its features. It will not be wrong to say that in this case all related functions and customized freedoms are playing an important role. The initial experience of this app will make any user more inclined towards it. Use it now and make all processes special and wonderful, from messages to video calls.

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