OG Instagram APK Download Latest Version 2023 (Official)

OG Instagram APK: When it comes to social entertainment, no other platform can beat Instagram and Facebook. These apps have given the world a great trend and are considered to be the easiest in terms of accessibility. According to statistics, billions of people are connected to these apps and it is increasing day by day. The most important thing about these programs is that they have reduced the distance between people, whether one is in the local country or abroad.

Today everyone, businessmen, singers, even celebrities connect with their fans through these apps. But due to the increasing popularity and facilities demanded by many users, there are still many features that are not available in these programs. To give a positive side to this negative aspect many developers have introduced modified apps and in this case come OGInsta+. It is also called an Instagram alternative and it provides amazing features and facilities to the users.

This app is not only Anti-Ban but also requires no root to use. Download content or zoom in or out of any image all this is possible in this modified app. By using this app you will not only see the difference in many processes but also thanks to it you will get many customization options. Many of the app’s functions are similar to GB Instagram, but both have important features that we will cover in this article.

OG Instagram APK

What is OG Instagram?

OG Instagram is an unofficial and modified Instagram app that provides users with a great platform for social entertainment just like the original version. This app will provide amazing features to everyone as well as make it easy to get familiar with the unique process. Be it publishing or downloading or translating, everything will be easily available in this program.

More About OG Instagram

Instagram has played an important role in keeping users informed about the latest entertainment and latest trends worldwide. Today this app is being used in every device and everyone considers it essential because of the simple reason that everyone around the world is interested in it. This app is not only for entertainment but also related to education, research and many other fields. Today every person or organization or company wants to use this platform for any of their projects.

With the passage of time, there is no doubt that its popularity and number of users has increased tremendously but still there are some negative aspects which are not considered suitable by the users. We can’t download any content in original insta, we don’t have permission to zoom in any photo, we can’t copy any comment. Considering the same, modified Insta is available in the market, developed by third-party developers.

Initially, users were not sure that MOD Insta is safe, but with the passage of time, all users have come to believe that it is safe to use in every way. The most important reason for this is not only that it is secure, it is supposed, but also that it will allow all the actions that are not in the original app. OGInsta+ not only provides a variety of entertainment to all its users but also makes all the functions easy.

Anyone’s first experience with this app will be a complete surprise as they will always have freedom in every process. If you spend most of your time on Insta and seriously miss all the actions you want to take on it, use it now. Be it download facility or share any link all this will be possible in this modified version. The latest version of OG Instagram has added more features and benefits that will create more interest. So install now and enjoy priceless entertainment with this amazing app.

Features OG Instagram APK

Before using it, let’s see its features, which are really amazing.

Fast Update

The capabilities of the app are definitely considered fantastic in every process. It has more features and facilities than the original version. The most important thing is that it is updated according to the original version and it is done on a monthly basis. This feature is considered quite satisfactory for the users as it not only ensures the security of the app but also makes it more enjoyable to use. In addition, it also makes it easy to get familiar with the unique features and functions that have been added for the users.

You Can Take Screenshots

It would not be wrong if we call Instagram the king of entertainment today. This app has given equal rights to all people in terms of access and entertainment. As we all know this app is linked with personal account or facebook so same process is for all celebrities also. The app also provides a follow option for users around the world to access every post or story of a favorite personality. But one thing that every user feels most is that we are not allowed to take the screenshot of the original post. But while using this app, in this case you are given permission, thanks to which this process can be done easily.

Download Anything

Do you feel the download media feature is missing in Instagram and do you think it should be mandatory? There is no doubt that this is an important point for everyone that has not yet been addressed. In this regard, app users are given regular permission to download any story, video easily. This capability of the application is definitely useful for many people and those who are using it find it to be a modern and wonderful process.

You Can Share URLs

Do you want to share URLs in original Instagram but fail to do so? OG Instagram APK has added this facility keeping in mind the convenience of the users in this regard as well. This is really an amazing advantage of this app especially when we want to share favorite content with friends or relatives. Also, most of the users always give this app a positive rating due to this benefit which increases their confidence to use it. If you want to use this feature, install this app now.

Timely Notification

The developer has changed many parts to make the app more different and in this regard there is also a process follow indicator which is very useful. This feature is preferred by users as it facilitates timely access to important information. It is specially designed for all users who follow other personality or unfollowed by others. Keeping this option enabled will allow you not only to know all the people who are following you, but also to be able to interact with them.

Zoom Facility

Like GBinstagram, this app also has a special feature for profile images called Zoom. Users can zoom in on photos of not only their friends but also celebrities. Many people have always demanded that this feature should be available in the original version as well, but it is not available yet. There is no doubt that this need is being felt from time to time so if you want to enjoy this benefit then download the latest version of OG Instagram now.

Amazing Ease

Be it IGTV videos or any other all can be easily downloaded from this app which is considered amazing for most of the users. Basically the developer has added this feature to make the user experience special which has always received special feedback. If you also want to download Instagram videos and put them on Facebook stories or WhatsApp status, then you will find this feature very useful.

Translation Facility

Can’t you understand the many other comments on your post in the original Insta that are in other languages? This is definitely considered a difficult process and for this we have to resort to Google translator. But now you will get automatic translation facility in this app thanks to which you can easily understand and reply comments in any language.

What’s New in The Latest Version of OG Instagram APK?

The latest update of the application has made the additional process more convenient for the users.

  • First of all users can now download stories as well
  • Support multiple languages
  • Anti- Banned
  • No Root Required
  • Dramatic improvement in speed
  • Dual account allowed

How to install OGInstagram Official APK?

  • Go to Mobile Settings and open it
  • As you know this is third party app so enable “Unknown Source”
  • Start the download process and click on the OGInstagram button
  • After completion, now the next step is installation for which you need to give permission
  • Allow all necessary information and let your process grow successfully
  • Then find the icon of this app on the main screen and open it
  • Launch the app and connect your Facebook account or login to a personal account
  • Finally, enjoy OGInstagram Official


Is OG Instagram safe?

It is widely used in all countries of the world and till date there is no problem in its use. OG Instagram is fully secured with the aim of providing maximum features to the users.

Can its use lead to a ban on the original version?

This is definitely considered to be the most important question and the answer is quite positive. This modified insta does not in any way cause a ban on the original version. Users can use both versions together without any problem.

Can OG Instagram be used on iOS?

The app comes in Android, iOS and PC versions which means users can easily install it according to the respective platform.

Final Verdict

Using OG Instagram APK will definitely provide users with evidence of a clear change in many areas. The benefits of the app will definitely make an impact in a fun way. The special functionality added in this app is definitely amazing and wonderful. Users can save their special moments in various ways through this entertainment platform. Download OGInstagram Official now and if you face any problem during usage and installation process please let us know in comments.

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