OGWhatsApp APK Pro Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

OGWhatsApp APK: As the popularity of WhatsApp is increasing, the modified versions are also making an impact on the users. The main reason for this is the lack of features that consumers now need and want. But the most important thing in this process is to protect privacy first, no matter what third-party mods are being used. WhatsApp has provided amazing facilities in communication to every human being today. Whether one is literate or not, it has become a necessity of every individual and every household today.

Millions of users use it for messages, calls and documents, and sharing every day. But with the passage of time many users are marking the features that they want to get but are not able to get yet. Due to this process, users have started using the original WhatsApp as well as mod WhatsApp at the same time. The popularity of FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and the rapid trend of users towards them shows that all these mods are offering amazing features.

Apart from this, there are certainly other WhatsApps that have a unique style and bring special benefits to the users and OGWhatsapp is one of them. By using this app developed for Android and iOS, you will surely have the best communication experience. In this article, we take a look at the points that this app is offering to the users.


What is OGWhatsApp APK?

OGWhatsApp is a third-party mod app that offers a unique communication process. Users will also have access to amazing details thanks to multiple functions, which will provide a different and wonderful experience in messaging and calling.

Solid Analysis of OGWhatsApp

The app is developed by XDA and ٖAlexMods and it comes with different versions at a time. The app is also called the best mod whatsapp because of the amazing details it contains. Users not only appreciate its features but also always get a unique and wonderful feeling from using it. This app has been launched for a long time and even today more new functions and unique styles are being added to it to attract users.

WhatsApp which is considered to be everyone’s favorite nowadays for messaging, calling, sharing, mod apps are also surprising the users due to their usefulness. Although, not all mods have been officially recognized by WhatsApp or Google Play Store and there is no chance but users believe that it can be adopted by all. OGWhatsApp will offer users convenient and powerful features from messaging to calling. While the program is not limited to features and functionality, it also includes smart options for privacy and security.

The program has received positive feedback from users since its inception and new updates have added more amazing features over time. Be it Android or Apple users, this mod WhatsApp is always appreciated by everyone. Users believe that this version allows endless options and customizations that the original version should have. The most notable thing is that the developers have made all the settings options in this WhatsApp user-friendly thanks to which it is easy to choose the most pleasant setting.

In addition, various special processes have been added for users who want to make their account profile more attractive or more secure. Whether you want to explore countless themes or take advantage of the AppLock feature, this version offers ease of use and permissions in every way. So without wasting time download OGWhatsApp Official (Anti-Ban APK) and get amazing communication benefits from this modified version.

Enjoy Engaging Conversations With OGWhatsApp

Thanks to OGWhatsApp, be it in the office or at home, one can be easily contacted at any time or moment. Changing trends and styles for consumers now matter in any process. Whether you want to customize the chat, show different colors or just use it, everything is very easy to implement in this version. The most special and interesting feature of the application that compels the users to use it is the quality and style of the conversation included in it.

The app is based on customization and preferences where users will be allowed to change any process as per their wish. Similarly chatting with friends or celebrating special festivals or expressing special moments this mod whatsapp has added many modern and interesting sections. The main reason for including all these effects is to provide users with all the ease and convenience from a single app.

There is no doubt that there is a revolution of convenience in the conversation process today, and users always take different and valuable steps in the process. Thanks to this app, users will not only discover the aspect that makes a difference, but many people will also be familiar with new processes. The main purpose of using this WhatsApp is to try different flavors which also have multiple options to apply, be it downloads status or sharing.

Also, some advanced permissions are granted depending on the user whose compatibility or usage will definitely play a role in making the interaction more accurate and advanced. Continue reading to know the important details of this app and check the important points under privacy.

Features OGWhatsApp

Now is the time to take a look at the features and benefits of this program whose existence and usage will be surprising.

Freedom To Hide All Chats

Do you want to hide all chats on the account home screen? If yes then you can do it through this app, especially this is a completely unique option which is not present in the original app. The most important advantage of this feature is when you keep your mobile with other people and they will not be able to see anything even after accessing WhatsApp.

Multiple Options For Status Privacy

The addition of new features and functions of the communication program definitely enhances the user experience. This special feature is found in all Mod Whatsapp where you get different style options. In this version also users will be able to apply different styles for status privacy.

Message Reminder

Be it a festival, a birthday wish or sending an important message to someone on an important occasion, all these are a necessary routine in every human’s life. But due to increased busyness it often slips from our mind. What should become of this whole situation, by which we remember all this? For this we can enable the pre-built message scheduler in OGWhatsApp which works really wonders.

Download Facility For Specific Contacts

The appl empowers users to avail numerous benefits from the amazing options available. Another process in the same vein is media download, which has the advantage of allowing only a few contacts or members to download content.

Special Feature For Un-Saved Numbers

In original WhatsApp we cannot exchange messages or make calls with this number until it is saved. But not so in this version, users can easily call any number if it is not saved in your mobile or sim card.

Find Emojis For Special Moments or Messages

OGWhatsApp also allows users to search for Emojis and GIFs. It’s really great firstly there will be many types available and secondly we can get any emoji from search option.

Ease of Sending Up To 100 Documents

Do you want to increase the number of sending a certain number of documents in the original version but still you are waiting for this feature? Install this mod now if you really want it because it has the ability to send more content at a time.

Permission To Revoke Messages

Users can now easily explore the amazing action from this version in the connectivity experiences. This mod has multiple features that are easy to access at any time. In this case, there is also an anti-revoke, the benefits of which are certainly greater in the eyes of users.

Inclusion of Effects

Whether sending pictures or making video calls, what if they were allowed to add effects? Of course, this will create a conscious feeling on both sides. This is now possible because it allows you to apply different styles through effects in this case.

Location Status

Whether you’re dining out with friends or visiting special places, sharing your location with friends is easy. The app offers tracker options based only on location information. Thanks to this, users will be able to share their presence in different ways.

Restore Deleted Messages

Ease of filtering messages ensures that users have a useful feature in unnecessary situations. Whether it is necessary to gather information about any conversation or restore deleted messages, it is all very easy thanks to this option.

DND Mode

Like GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, this version will also include the ability to temporarily disable services through this option.

Multiple Options For Groups

This version includes several unique features for users who join or create multiple groups at once. Whether it is sending an online message to all members or reminding them, it will be done easily. Also, explore countless group settings that will benefit not only the admin, but all members as well.

One Tap and Download Status

Users no longer need to take drastic steps to download any contact status. This will allow WhatsApp users to easily download where with one click we can easily save any video to our gallery.

Huge Variety of Themes

OGWhatsApp APK allows users to use unique options in each process at a time and includes multiple themes. Customize your home screen or enjoy endless colorful themes in this modified version.

Make Your Online Status Special

Users who always upload their online status or have special interest in it. For them it has arranged useful options thanks to which they will definitely get different styles.

Send More Content Than Needed

Be it photos or videos, this version allows sending more. Likewise, when it comes to bulk content, it’s pretty simple, which is surprising to most users.

What Kind of Security Features Does This App Have?

Users are attracted to any program only on condition that they are assured of privacy. There is no doubt that the original WhatsApp has a system in this regard which is always liked by all the users. A prime example of this, compatible with Google Drive, puts all control securely in the hands of users. Likewise, it is important that all processes, whether the material is delivered or received, be moved to a secure location. But in this mod, the process is structured differently which can be confusing to the users especially in the beginning.

First, content in any form, be it messages, images or videos, will be stored on the external storage on the device. Similarly, there are countless options when it comes to making your profile or account more secure than all saved contacts. Whether it is to hide messages or block any number, users can do it all easily with just one tap. Thus, it has unique features when it comes to video calling. It is up to the users whether to allow a number to be called or not.

Permission To Change Various Privacy Options

  • Hide typing
  • Show status to everyone or specific contacts
  • Hide all ticks
  • Hide last opening time
  • Don’t reveal the identity of the voice note
  • Allow live recording
  • Show or hide online persistently
  • It’s easy to block a contact whether it’s safe or not

Important Permissions are Required

  • Allow for background tasks
  • Internet access is required while using
  • Allow location
  • Device location is important
  • Access to the mic
  • Wi-Fi access for communication
  • Camera permission for video call
  • Allow all SIM or Gmail contacts
  • Allow sending photos, videos, documents Gallery access to retrieve content
  • Permission to use external storage
  • Allow audio call or editing process

If There is Any Error or OGWhatsApp is not Working

There is no doubt that all mods WhatsApp are bringing different and useful features but in the process problems are also coming up. These issues are often reported by users or screenshots. Although when this happens, there are definitely some important tips to follow. First, restart the mobile or check its history. Often it is seen that not clearing the cache or putting too much stress on the device is causing these incidents.

Apart from this, slow internet speed or not detecting the location of the device also causes this problem. Whenever this is the case, check the external mobile storage and delete some content if stressed. Also, always update your version and keep this option enabled in settings.

What’s New in OGWhatsApp?

  • Fixed stuck or not working issues
  • Added new process for status download
  • Improved display of online status
  • Inclusion of new segments for longer messages
  • More UI improvements
  • More strict options for block numbers
  • Added new style to auto replay feature
  • Allow more changes to the home screen and layout
  • Continuous update

OGWhatsApp With Anti-Ban Feature

The most important question in the mind of users is that every time they use Mod WhatsApp, is it a threat to our real account? The answer is yes and there will be no such problem in using it. Users can use two WhatsApp at a time. It is true that the benefits are not present in the original version but it is important for all users to know about it. Whenever users intend to use it, they understand that WhatsApp will delete their real account. Without this stress and thought users can feel free to install it and surprise all their contacts with their conversations.

Installation Guide of OGWhatsapp APK

Downloading and installing this app is very easy and all the steps are same as original version. Here we will give users a complete guide about it before using it, by following it within minutes you will be able to use it.

  • The first thing you need to do is enable Unknown Sources in the mobile settings
  • After that click on the APK file and start the download as the file is not memory heavy so it will complete quickly
  • After that the next step is to install the APK file which will take a maximum of two to three minutes
  • After this setup is complete, open the file and enter your personal number and information
  • Receive the OTP code and enter it and proceed with the process
  • Now go to the home screen and click on the refresh icon
  • Choose Settings and configure all the options as per your preference
  • Now have fun and choose from many colorful colors for main screen and start chatting

How to Transfer Your Content from WhatsApp to OGWhatsApp?

  • This whole process needs to be completed step by step
  • First, transfer all the content of your original version to a laptop or computer
  • This process will definitely take time so wait for all content to transfer
  • After that, connect this mod to this computer and transfer all the copied content here
  • Finally, organize all your content after successful transfer and invite your friends on this WhatsApp 

Can OGWhatsApp be used on iOS?

Android users as well as Apple users can easily use this mode as it is compatible with all operating platforms. OGWhatsApp iOS will definitely force you to use all the features to see attractive messages.

Does it have a backup feature?

Backup is enabled in the settings and of course it does, but the whole process is related to external memory.

Could its use put our content at risk?

It is considered completely safe to use and has all the safety when it comes to the content.

Does it have a theme library available?

This version for users is completely different and includes all the functionality and customization features. Explore countless themes and apply them anytime and enjoy the special feeling.

Final summary

The utility and benefits of the app are definitely invaluable which users cannot get in the original version. For the users, their whole experience with this mod whatsapp will always be special and they will enjoy using all the incredible features. OGWhatsApp APK fully respects the user’s happiness and will make it easy for them to initiate a unique interaction process. Install it now and enjoy full amazing WhatsApp and receive your messages with special color and taste.

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