WhatsApp Aero APK 19.35.6 Download (Official) Latest Version

WhatsApp Aero APK: The 21st century is definitely a lucky era for the users in every way, from communication programs to social apps, access is very easy. While smartphones have revolutionized human life, countless programs have always introduced a modern and unique approach to communication. Nowadays, end-to-end encryption has become an important component in every sense and for this WhatsApp is always chosen as the first priority. But modern technology has made the Mods apps in these programs even more convenient for the users.

Today, many WhatsApp mods are providing users with amazing benefits and customization features in this regard. Each mod has its own features and capabilities, but if you want to get unique communication from WhatsApp mod, then you should install WhatsApp Aero now. This app is definitely easy to use and is based on multiple features that will always be unique get the benefits. Let’s analyze this article thoroughly and decide to use it.

WhatsApp Aero APK

WhatsApp Aero APK Introduction

WhatsApp Aero APK is a communication app that will introduce users to multiple and unique ways of talking and chatting. Thanks to this mod program, not only the process of communication will be made interesting, but also many changes in the interface can be made easily.

Basic and Important Details of The Program

When it comes to WhatsApp mods, this app is always appreciated for its unique style and capabilities. Its customizable features easily attract users to it. This WhatsApp is created by Turkish developer Bozkurt Hazar although its official status is not so strong but still it can be easily obtained from third party websites. From the official icon of the application to the interface, all processes are designed as per the original version but it comes with additional options, features and functions. The utility of this mod will surely surprise the users as the users will get many unique experiences from messages to sharing.

Although WhatsApp has introduced users to a modern and stylish way of communicating, there are still many details that have not been addressed. Today, users rely on WhatsApp to share messages, video calls, messages and videos. There are numerous mods available in the market with more styles and capabilities. This version makes all these functions easier for users to create more interesting conversations. Be it Android, iOS or any other platform, this app can be easily used but there are important requirements that must be met.

Easy To Use

The trend of users towards all mods shows that they are getting special features and benefits from these apps. But privacy and security are important aspects in the whole process that should not be neglected. In this case mere assurance from the developer is not enough but a robust system is necessary so that more users feel comfortable using it. WhatsApp Aero APK will allow users to implement multiple processes at a time which will make the interaction with the program always incredible.

With this app, customizations will always be easy and you will be able to give a new color to the conversation style. From the interface to changing the icon or multiple options in the settings, it has a unique style in every way. Transfer your taste here now and download WhatsApp Aero APK (Anti-Ban) and enjoy valuable features by customizing your WhatsApp.

Safe and Secure in Terms of Security and Backup

Be it official programs or third-party apps, privacy is always considered important and it is an aspect that the more effective, the faster the customer’s trust will be maintained. The worst drawback of Mods WhatsApp in the eyes of users is the lack of privacy. But with the passage of time, the process is witnessing remarkable improvement due to which the trust of the users is increasing. It is important for any user to analyze each aspect thoroughly and not use it unless he is absolutely sure.

The developer has taken many positive steps in recent times by not only improving the privacy system but also adding backup facilities. Thus, the latest upgrade adds a valuable and effective mechanism that users can find completely secure. Keeping in mind the importance of security, the application will surely offer important options thanks to which we will not only be able to secure the content but also consider it safe always.

So, users have to save their messages, chats, documents in some other way which is done through mobile storage. Similarly, when it comes to backup, daily, weekly and monthly options are provided depending on the user’s preferences. Thanks to this amazing WhatsApp, not only change your conversation style but also discover countless additional options.

Features of WA Aero APK

Temporarily Disable The App

Generally, communication apps are connected to the Internet, offering accurate connectivity when the service is available. But what if your personal account is disabled despite the internet or showing to others? This feature is especially useful when users want to keep themselves away from all messages received by others. Deactivate your personal account anytime, anywhere or at any time and read all messages received during this time.

High Share Limit

Whether sharing photos, documents or videos, each has its own limitations in the original version. But in this app, the experience will be most amazing when users can get more storage or quantity without any limit on their sharing. It is easily possible to share more than ten pictures at a time or send videos with large storage capacity. Easily share videos up to 100MB and enjoy more sharing capacity than original WhatsApp.

Interesting and Surprising Backup Option

All the features in the application are unique to the user and configured differently from the original version. The special thing is that this WhatsApp has a special feature of titanium backup; it basically consists of advanced process and automatically backups all content automatically. Thanks to this benefit, users will be able to save their content faster and more securely. Keep this function enabled and get the facility to save all conversations in time.

Make The UI More Attractive

Interface is the most important part of any program as it makes it easy to have pleasant experiences. In fact, not all communication apps available have much freedom in this regard. But this WhatsApp is different where users are allowed to make multiple edits and it is very easy to change and give a new look to the interface.

Proximity Sensor Facility

Users can change the sensor setting to automatically lock the mobile screen to avoid unnecessary calls or messages. Compared to the original version, this mod is organized with the best information in this regard which will provide more guidance to the users.

Sound Quality Feature

Whether you want to make a video call or send an audio, or even a voice note, unless the quality of the call is satisfactory, it adds to the irritation of the communication process. WA Aero APK has a great option to deal with this problem that makes it easy for users to enhance or improve the sound quality. Make all your calls sound quality more accurate and easier with it and enjoy.

Quality of Images

Sending high quality and full resolution, HD images is very easy. The application provides numerous options to the users due to which the quality can be changed easily. Be it specific photos or entire albums; send them in any quality without hesitation.

Apply Password or Lock

The more secure the account, the better the experience, so the app also provides users with a fingerprint lock option. Using this benefit will surely increase the confidence in terms of privacy.

Permission to Hide Content

WhatsApp Aero APK that brings numerous styles and methods, the amazing processes involved certainly make it compelling to use. By using it, you can hide your messages or content in any way. It is very easy to hide WhatsApp images in mobile storage gallery thanks to the application. Thanks to this process, we can not only protect our images but also apply the same process to all our content.

Apply Anti-Delete at Any Time

The app insists on enabling the auto-delete option to prevent users from storing unnecessary or redundant content. Due to this feature we will not be able to delete content that is not needed. Rather, with its help, we can easily remove the status without deleting it. This feature is available in all mods and surely users find it invaluable.

Change Font Styles

The more freedom and ease of access users have, the better WhatsApp will be for users. It is easy to change the font in this version and it always creates unique and special moments for users.

Themes Library

The highlight of the application is its endless variety of themes, also known as the library. Users can analyze all themes according to style and moment and make their WhatsApp colorful and special. Using over 2500 themes isn’t easy, but there’s no harm in trying.

Chat Customization

Do you want to change the conversation style in the original version but did not succeed? But this program easily allows it, thanks to which it is very easy to add different effects.

New List of Emojis

When it comes to expressing yourself in any humorous or serious conversation, this WhatsApp adds a different process in this regard. Try different new emojis and have fun using them to add a new style to your messages.

Home Screen and Background Customization

Do you want to change the home screen or official icon of the application or want to see something new? The app offers users more than ten styles, making it easy to change the layout of WhatsApp.

Important Requirements and Permissions

  • Internet availability
  • Location permission
  • Allow background activities
  • Allow to Gallery, Contacts, External Storage, Images, Videos
  • Allow the camera for video calls
  • Permissions for document and audio
  • Permission to send and receive content

Are the Characteristics of FMWhatsApp and WA Aero The Same?

Many people think that these two mods are the same but it is not so. As far as customization is concerned, both have similar options, but FMWhatsApp has more options and features. As such, both are considered anti-ban, which means their use does not affect the original version. In particular, WA Aero offers special options and benefits for speed that make communication with multiple contacts efficient at a time.

There is no lag or update issue anytime in this mod and users get regular updates. The app is based on the latest security features so that users don’t have to worry about their privacy or account protection. This app contains a built-in option to block messages from instant unsolicited contacts. By enabling this, users can always block junk content. FMWA has its popularity and recognition, but this version is more popular because of the variety of settings it includes regarding groups, chat and calling.

Furthermore, stickers and options are added to the application on a monthly basis with the aim of providing opportunities for users to enjoy seamless communication. We would recommend users to try both mods because of the benefits and ease of both that can make it possible to add different styles to many moments or conversations.

How to Download?

  • Go to device settings and allow unknown source
  • Click on the given button and start the download process
  • Wait for completion
  • Then, locate the file on the home screen or in the file manager
  • The next step is installation which will require important permissions

How to Install?

  • Click on Download File
  • Allow to install
  • Wait and let the installation setup complete
  • Once done, click and start the initialization process
  • First enter your number and get OTP code
  • Then enter your name
  • View your profile or access contacts
  • Now, add your photo and notify contacts

How to Transfer Your Content to WhatsApp Aero?

  • Backup all original WhatsApp content and transfer it to your PC or laptop
  • Instead of copying content, use DR.Fone and get a faster process
  • After all the process is completed, open WhatsApp Aero APK on your devices and go to settings
  • Click Backup
  • Use a data cable and copy all content from PC here
  • This will take some time or depending on memory
  • After the process is complete, refresh and recover all your chats, contacts and images


How To Use WhatsApp AERO?

  • Uninstall the original version first
  • Download this version and complete the installation process
  • Then enter all your account information and apply

Is WhatsApp Aero Safe?

Till date there has never been any problem in using the application and users find it completely safe and the best proof of this is that the privacy of the account depends on the users. Explore various security features and customize this app according to your preferences.

What Operating Platforms is This Version For?

  • Android
  • iOS

Does WhatsApp Aero have Airplane Mode?

Yes, this is considered to be one of the most special features of this mod WhatsApp which definitely creates an amazing feeling.

Final Summary

WhatsApp Aero APK brings several new features with a completely user-friendly interface. Thanks to this, communication processes can be experienced differently and all kinds of benefits can be applied to your account. Before using the app it is important that users check it in all respects and assure themselves about its privacy. There is no doubt that this app is completely different from the original WhatsApp, everything from the layout to the front screen is different, but for secure communication, its thorough checking is essential.

This modified version will offer users a lot of free features, thanks to which users will also have access to many unique options that will directly affect messages or video calls. The APK version is fully official which will make it easy for users to enjoy without paying. Install it now and let us know your experiences and if you face any problem during the installation process please let us know in the comments section.

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